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Conceived In Sewage

by Devourment

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Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark thumbnail
Joseph Clark Great guttural lows, while playing heavy brutal death metal. Neck spasms for sure!
Anthony thumbnail
Anthony Crushing brutality from start to finish. Favorite track: Fifty Ton War Machine.
Stephan K
Stephan K thumbnail
Stephan K Awesome and brutal!!!
Dean Vincent
Dean Vincent thumbnail
Dean Vincent In a month where everybody seems to be lamenting the new Suffocation album everyone appears to be completely overlooking this brutality infested slab of enhanced old school death metal. Look past the shock artwork and album title and listen long and hard to how death metal should be done. This is what extreme music is all about! Favorite track: Fifty Ton War Machine.
Alejandro Omidsalar
Alejandro Omidsalar thumbnail
Alejandro Omidsalar Why do I love this album? Uhh... 'Cause it's brutal. Favorite track: Legalize Homicide.
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Dallas, Texas’s DEVOURMENT are without question extreme metal’s most brutal purveyor’s of filth. With a rabid following throughout the world, DEVOURMENT’s return to the scene with their Relapse debut ‘Conceived In Sewage’ is bar none the most punishing record of 2013. Every aspect of this record is thoroughly and awesomely depraved—from it’s monstrously slamming and catchy riffs to the disgusting lyrics burped out of lead growler Mike Majewski’s throat to the absolutely abhorrent album art to the over the top production by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal). ‘Conceived In Sewage’ is pure, hateful, muscle bound death-metal---exactly what you’ve been waiting for. This is the kind of record your mother warned you about.




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Devourment Dallas, Texas

Throughout Devourment’s seventeen years of existence, one thing has remained constant: unyielding brutality. Formed in 1995 and hailing from Dallas, TX, Devourment has remained consistent and powerful, leading many to celebrate them as the heaviest death metal band in the world due to their influential blend of vicious slam elements with an old school death metal sound. ... more

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Track Name: Legalize Homicide
They won't let me
They can't stop me
They won't let me taste the blood
They say I'm a beast from hell
If I don't kill a fucker now
I'll carve myself ‘til I pass out
I'm shackled by my twisted mind
A prisoner of the darkest kind
Ravaged by an insidious mind
A machine of death from within you'll find
The knife
The axe
The instruments to shred my prey
The rope
The shackles
To bind them down before they suffer
To smash them
To slice them
Bathe in the erotic viscera
To lust them
To fuck them
Inhale their dying breath
I watch them die
I stab their eyes to devastate
I rip their flesh with obscene hate
They’ll see my hatred is profound
I eat their hearts to desecrate
Enamored of their gruesome fate
Deflesh the twitching lifeless mound
Their filthy blood soaks in the ground
Kill me
Or more will die
Kill me
Or more will die
I watch them die
I watch them die
Their dying eyes
Burned in my mind
Lust for blood controls my life
Legalize Homicide
Track Name: Fifty Ton War Machine
Trembles in the Earth of the ground, it will rise, bleed the sky
War beats of hell sent to crush mankind!
Coal fuels the fire of gears grinding in the 50 ton machines
Steel behemoths of hate!

The solstice of the final clash of man has begun
Legions march, the dust will rise to drown out the sun!
Endless armies of the dead, lust for pain and hate will spread
No mercy shown, no unturned stone, until the war is won!

Machine of the war
Exterminate divine!
Machine of war
The reign of man will die!
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Corpses burning, cities falling,
The tide is turning, shadow consumes
Steel devours, hell fire showers
Fear will feed the beast of hell
Corpses burning, cities falling
The tide is turning, shadow consumes
The soil runs red,
Population dead!

Rise, of the once forsaken
From the depths where souls are taken
Kingship newly crowned by legion
Hate and fire burn this region
Gears, of the 50 ton machine
Gears, of the 50 ton war machine!
Track Name: Conceived In Sewage
Conception, of sickness
The blackest of souls
Creation, revolting
These eyes see death eternal
The wretched stench gives me the life force to slay you
The depths in which I dwell would cause a stalwart soul to tremble
Lecherous intent is the driving force within me
The dying screams of victims, a ravenous atonement
Abduction of a helpless pawn, over and over
I force the rusty knife inside, over and over
The blood sprays across my face, over and over
The urge to feed consumes my brain, over and over
Conception, of sickness
The blackest of souls
Creation, revolting
These eyes see death eternal
Gorging chunks of steaming meat
The sickening urge is now complete
But wait a new idea has sprungI'll fuck the dead until I cum
The pounding, the thrusting, the pleasure, disgusting
The violence, the torture, indulge me, forever
The pounding, the thrusting, the pleasure, disgusting
The violence, the torture, indulge me, forever
Track Name: Fucked With Rats
Cold, bound, half dead
Vision fades swiftly
Breathing is labored
My latest victim squeals to me
Ten victims this month alone, a new thrill I must search for
Complacent in my rituals, stab and hack ad infinitum
Still alive but fading quickly, I quiver with anticipation
Its clear what I must do now
Permeate, penetrate, violate with vermin
A stiff dead rat lies at her feet, a misogynistic tool of my madness
Caustic methods to fill my needs, this rotting rodent is just what it calls for
I bind her legs, her struggle futile, the ligature grates, the tension rises
I force it in, no subtle action, the sinew tears to my satisfaction
She suffers as I revel
The rats spread filth inside my soul
She bleeds like a stuck pig
I thrust it as I climax
They suffer from my lunacy
The insane urge that forces me
They suffer from my lunacy
Their violent end will come to be
Her beating heart begins to fade
The insides ravaged, torn and maimed
I quiver still from ardent bliss
A new found thrill I can't resist
They suffer from my lunacy
The insane force that purges me
They suffer from my lunacy
Their violent end will come to be
It seems there's life left in her
A chance to further my pleasure
I grab the filthy dead rodent
And force it in her gaping mouth
I ram my stiffness inside her
She can't believe it's not over
I choke her, dead as I finish
We both expire rhythmically
Track Name: Today We Die, Tomorrow We Kill
The eve
Of plague
To rise
From hell
Butchered forth
Heinous force
War torn dead
The enemy takes you
Darkness, is calling forth
Die first, to join the force
Undead, the army marches
The world will die and fall to darkness
Take souls, to feed the master
Bloodlines, the earth burns faster
Mercy, none to be given
Forced to serve the crimson legion
End of times
Resistance, breathless fight
Hopeless, eternal night
Apathy, weakness purged
Soulless cogs enslaved
Horns of war sound, dim waves churning
Free the beast trapped in postmortem
Fiends of the afterlife starve for murder
Reap the fallen, dead march onward
Today we die
Tomorrow we kill
Today we dieTomorrow we kill
Kill tomorrow, kill them
Kill tomorrow, kill them all
Track Name: Heaving Acid
Vomit scalding blood, eyes explode from the pressure
Become something more than human
Cursed from the beast, with a tormenting urge to feast
Eyeless with supreme perception
Veins bulge from the skin, sharpened fangs bursting through
A form made to induce terror
Acid bile flowing free, liquefy the dripping meat
Darkness cowers before its evil
Heaving Acid
It hunts, it maims, it kills, it feeds
Its victims, dismembered, their flesh, devoured
It mangles, it tortures, eviscerates and butchers
Its victims, dismembered, their flesh, devoured
Drooling viscous pyre to break down the bloody victim
Melting flesh slides off the bones to simplify consumption
Gore slopped blood feast, rabid hell beast
Limbs and bodies torn asunder
Limbs and bodies torn asunder
Limbs and bodies torn asunder
Dying flesh, feeds the beast
Steaming meat, to satiate its hunger
Acid scalds, heaving torture
Swallowed whole, by the jaws of a monster
Track Name: Carved Into Ecstasy
Nightmares, awakened by the screams, echoes from below
The cellar calls again
Enter the cold, the darkest place to harbor souls
Wretched is this dungeon
Bound is she, keeper of my ecstasy
Mired in their filth these bloody pigs await their fate
Abducted, bound and ready to suffer
Bleeding, bruised and ripe for torture
Terror in their dying eyes
They quiver at the sight of my knives
I delight in methodically mutilating
So weak, their flesh is mine for the takingFor days they fall to maniacal perversion
Lust filled rituals
My excitement rises
The blade is my sadistic tool
Scars gape erotically
Gore splattered prison
Only death will set them free
Slicing, through their veins,
Blood clots, burst and inflate
Slowly I caress their pain
Remove some skin and slice their face
Their suffering, brings ecstasy
Their insides, glistening
It’s time now for the final deed
Off with their heads then spew my seed
Track Name: Parasitic Eruption
From tearing
I feel them crawl
They pinch my skin
Infesting me
From deep within
I'm rotting from the inside out
Parasitic grubs pour out of my mouth
The taste of filth consumes my senses
Comatose I lie defenseless
My sinful acts caught up with me
A gift from hell this was to be
Vicious worms, tear my flesh
Pulsing mounds push through my chest
Frothing pus, bleeding eyes
Eaten as I slowly die
Thousands of maggots grub my body, forced to behold the painful terror
Lusting to die to end the torture, sight of the swarm brings me to seizure
Parasites, swarmingMass of bloody piles squirming
Every orifice erupting with grubs as the last of my fluid flows from my mouth
Now I feel the faintness begin to creep in, I am finally free from the pain I writhe in
What is this? I'm still alive
Bound and gagged, under blinding light
My body numb, I look to find
No limbs, no skin a new nightmare begins
The parasites injected as a twisted experiment
I lie helpless at the mercy of this lunatic
Keeping me alive, to endure impending torture
Burning from inside my skull, I feel the drill behind my eyes
Engulfed in endless pain I find
The insane torment twists my mind
Injecting grubs inside my brain
They'll nest and spawn to life again
They crawl again, in my head
Feasting through my ravaged form
Please let me die, let me die
This pain I can endure no more
From tearing